Business Solutions 


"Together, taking one step closer to a cashless world"

-  Highly customizable, Secure Point of Sale solutions Logo.png
  • Your free Gateway to Accept crypto for your business, Point of sale solutions

  • Full custom remote installation for your unique requirements for a monthly fee

  • BTCPay server hosting, full Bitcoin node

  • Help empower communities with training program

  • Lightning Network Compatible with unique integration installation plans

  • E-commerce payment portal can be setup to receive directly into a wallet of your choice including the best hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger.

  • Latest POS possibilities available, email or Wordpress websitepayment requests

Solutions for e-commerce, brick & mortar, charities, content creators, freelancers, businesses. Receive BTC safely and quickly, on social media and in new ways.

By choosing to process your own payments you save money, cut out the middle-man, enhance security and offer your clients a unique checkout experience. ​

Accept Bitcoin on your website, via email, in store, create unlimited crowdfunding campaigns or share request payment links. Get paid directly into your own hardware wallet or any other wallet of your choice. Have full control of your server and stores.