Saving your Bitcoin 


"If you don't own your key, you don't own your Bitcoin"

Owning your Bitcoin or digital currencies in a software wallet or even on a reputable exchange like Coinbase, Kraken, Binance or Luno is not really owning your Bitcoin. These exchanges are great for trading and however not the best for storing large amounts of Bitcoin or any crypto currencies long-term. Keep in mind that like any entity, these companies are subject to government regulation and have operations beyond your knowledge. You are essentially storing your assets in their wallets. The only way to store Bitcoin safely are hardware wallets.

By saving your Bitcoin or digital assets offline, i.e. in a hardware wallet, you eliminate the risk of your assets being hacked, restricted or frozen. Inherent and decentralised ownership. The very purpose of Bitcoin!

Hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger are noted as the most trusted hardware wallets in the industry. These devices enable you to really own your bitcoin, as long as you own your seed and keep it safe. Cold storage devices for the savvy investor!

-  Safest way to store you digital assets (Recommended)

  • Robust stainless steel designed off-line crypto currency storage device

  • Industry leader, bluetooth version allows for wireless transactions

  • Supports more currencies than Trezor

  • Compatible with MacOS, Linux, Windows, IOS and Android

  • Includes USB cable, keychain lanyard, instruction and seed recovery cards

  • Well designed off-line crypto currency storage device with plastic sleek design

  • Noted as one of most trusted hardware wallets

  • Clean, well designed interface and slightly better wallet software

  • Compatible with MacOS, Windows, Linux & Android devices

  • Includes USB cable, strap, instruction and 2x seed recovery cards